….is a focussed discovery of already existing beauty.

Notebook | for your dark sides

Art.-Nr. 00005
Handlettering Cover

handbeschriebenes Cover | innen schwarze Seiten
inkl. weißem Stift zum Notieren besonderer Ideen und dunkler Geheimnisse 🙂

Hand-Lettering Cover | black inside
incl. white pen for notes
for special ideas and dark secrets 🙂

Auf den Merkzettel

Katharina Höppel has initiated & illustrated book- & letter-projects, multimedia-productions, combining design with art making. “I am trying to expand the boundaries of media & exhibition formats. For an insight into my artwork visit

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Olivia Leth has studied music, journalism & PR focussing on environmental issues and sustainability. “For independent articles & more information on my research visit

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beautiful projects

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